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by Report Suspicious Activity

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released December 14, 2016



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Report Suspicious Activity

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Track Name: Hardball
You're playing hardball
in the 21st century
It's just another product
of monolithic ideology
When presenting both sides
You're content with a two-faced lie

Betraying the public trust
but the profits come rolling in
Your bias objective
as long as it fits the spin
A standardized product
Propaganda a media buy

They're beautiful when they suffer
Track Name: The Night of 1000 Lies
Searching around for someone else to blame?
Surprised that no one can feel your pain?
So hard to lead when no one follows behind
but you make it a policy to tell all those lies

The Night of 1000 Lies

Find it difficult to swallow the truth?
-- That follows those years of abuse
Cutting the facts to fit your demands
Don't be surprised if they're short in the end

The Night of 1000 Lies

You've only started
With that half-hearted
rhetoric from yesteryear
Ideology crystal clear
Narrowed down to a brittle point
Nothing different and nothing disjoint
The equilibrium of the grave
but your thinking ends up that way

Wonder why no one's backing your play?
-- You've fucked everyone in your way
Narrow the circle to the thoroughly spun
You've built a consensus of one.

The Night of 1000 Lies
Track Name: Bin Laden Determined to Strike U.S.
Personal responsibility is an ethic we preach
Enough excuses--that's not what we need
We'll keep your values straight
through legislation
and plan on updating the divine right of kings

Our righteous authority: what we stand on
That, and the tanks, planes, rifles
and nuclear bombs
By their acts you shall know them
and their many deceptions
The moral man knows which cheek to turn
and which to beat on

Leadership accountability is ours to define
We have a firmness of purpose
and never apologize
We get paid to take action, not count all those bodies
The buck stops over there--with those other guys

Sorry, bad day.
Track Name: Revenge
Take your foot off my neck
I'm tired of asking
I don't want another heartwarming television special
I don't want new, lighter tennis shoes
I don't want revolutionary hair care products

I want Revenge

I want your BMW 330 to throw a rod
I want the mechanic to overcharge you
I want revenge
I want your stockbroker to run off with your trades
I want your facelift and arches to fall
I want your wife to find your Blueboy magazines
I want revenge
I want your daughter to drop ecstasy and sneak into discos
with rappers wearing gold chains
I want gypsies to steal your credit cards on your Paris vacation
I want your son to drive drunk
I want your property taxes to go up
I want revenge

Wish on a lottery
lose your children to drugs
Default a second-rate mortgage
Install an infested rug
I wish the worst things upon you
I wish you'd just go away

I want your dog to lick its ass in the presence of your in-laws
I want you to lose the election
I want you to get food poisoning at Jack-in-the-Box
I want your co-workers to laugh at you behind your back
I want people to smoke next to you in restaurants
I want your insurance company to deny you coverage for stroke
I want revenge

I want them to build a medical incineration downwind of your neighborhood
I want your hard-drive to crash
I want you to trail toilet paper out of the mens room
I want you to develop an allergy to deodorant
I want you to get audited
I want your rubber to break
I want revenge

Wish on a lottery
lose your children to drugs
Default a second-rate mortgage
Install an infested rug
I wish the worst things upon you
I wish you'd just go away
Track Name: Guantanamo
A national gated community
The suburbs of security
We'll offload democracy
And outsource repression
We prefer comfortable to free

United we stand
With our boots on your neck
We're living the good life without regrets
Apologies are for losers
and laws for the weak
Power is the only reason we need

Strap 'em up by the heels
--there's a turn of the screw
Brass knuckles connect
Lose a tooth or two
Watch 'em rock
With a generator
on their cock
Beat 'em worse if they curse
Your tax dollars at work


We're the weapons of mass destruction
Another famous Hollywood production
The stated goal might end up
being blurry
Empire means never saying you're sorry

Track Name: The Evil That They Do
You're in denial if you think it's normal
Same old stealing by the same old thieves
They're much more desperate
and much more cruel
and they think they're born to rule

When the living room
is the only room you have for living
When what makes the paper
is not worth reading

And you hope they don't touch you
with the evil that they do.
Track Name: In On The Killing
It's a case of black and white
The oil black, the motive white
It's a case of self-defense
so string 'em up and watch 'em twitch

Either for, or you're against us

It's a case of good and evil
and how it feels to maim and cripple
It's a case of right and wrong
and clearing land to settle on

Either for, or you're against us

In on the Killing

When the saints go marching in,
Track Name: Under The Hill
Get off your ass and start moving
Let's see you spit
Summer's here and the time is right
for throwing a brick
Your weblog can't help you
go download some piss
You're older than I was at your age
and I'm younger than this

I'm not over the hill
You're under it

Don't wait for the draft to start crying
You ought to be howling
All over the world they dying
for gas at three bucks a gallon
for Tivos in bunkers
Humvees at the gunshows
We'll measure convenience
with the bodies of our sons and our daughters

I'm not over the hill
You're under it

Think you found some balls watching Rush
You're radical and new
Waving flags like you had the guts
to stand for something true
A moral man in an immoral world
Your cliches are cliches
Wake up and smell the napalm
that's dropping everyday

One hand wash another
those terrorist fuckers
Have shored up the order of things
since we're afraid of our shadows
An excuse for a crackdown
acting like we're the tough guys
Treat the symptoms but none of the causes
Manufacturing many more martyrs

I'm not over the hill--
You're under it.
Track Name: Amnesiacs
Between the TV set and our lives
There are more than just screens,
there are walls
We grow up thinking that we fall short
compared to people that just never were
and what passes for reflection is fashion
Amnesiacs ahead of the curve
a yesterday where nothing is getting better
a future that's just getting worse

We're overwhelmed with sensation
Ideals lost in the past
Everything solid melts into air
Nothing substantial can last
Past numb now to dazed
Past dazed now to indifferent
We've all finally arrived
We're all finally equal

Fade away into the past
Track Name: Things We Lost in the Fire
There was suddenly light,
where there was once darkness
and everything is darker now.
Track Name: Patriot Act
Someone said the answer's at the end
Line's on the left--it never bends
Hindsight from right--it does me wrong
I find my comfort and my virtue
in the roaring of the swarming throng

Someone said the truth lies in their eyes
You can see the facts right through their lies
and I feel so safe when I realize:
no amount of clothes can save the body
when the guts are rotting out inside

All for False Security

Someone said the cream rises to the top
Some know what's better--and some do not
and the answer's watching from the rooftop
Nothing buys you patience like my silence
It comes grinding to a halt

All for False Security

And I hear the echo in the backroom
where the dead are biting off their tongues
privacy ain't private when you're lonely
and you're lonely 'cause you don't belong
and the mirror's pointing at the weather
and the weather's pointing towards the storm
Oh God, please save me
I'm forsaken
But at least the State
will keep me warm
Track Name: Subtle
This one’s so subtle
That Bill Bennett will get it
The prince of the virtues
Who will call, bid and bet it
Do as I say—not as I do
A fine example of a teacher for you

Things will get worse
Before things will get better
Star-spangled disasters
To teach the slow learners
Red, White, and Bullshit

This one’s so honest
That Delay will understand
The Majority Whipper
With the famous greased hand
One man, one vote, one dollar
Two votes more
And an ethics lecture
From an indicted whore

This one’s so clever
that the red states will notice
Vote your resentments
and you’ll get a bonus
Lord Rove decides
whose moral values are true
First they burn the books
—than they come after you
Track Name: Willed Blind
You can tell me anything you want
but I don't wanna know
You can show me anything you want
but I don't wanna know
I only see what I want to see
I only hear what I want to hear
I only feel what I wanna feel
and I don't wanna know

I don't wanna know